Change and Thrive: A Modern Approach to Change Leadership

    “As a leader in an organization, you face many challenges and critical decisions to successfully navigate change. The very essence of change is that it can happen quickly, right before your eyes. By its nature, change is disruptive and can throw even the most skilled leaders and individuals off balance. Fortunately, with proper planning and preparation leaders can not only handle change but also, thrive!

    Change and Thrive offers a breakthrough approach to managing and leading change! Rooted in the principles of emotional intelligence and organizational psychology, Change and Thrive present practical and adaptable concepts, applicable to any organization or situation.

    Drawing from the time-tested and research-based 5C’s of Transition Leadership(R) framework, the author provides readers with a systematic methodology successfully used in multiple organizations and settings. This powerful handbook will enable you to navigate any change initiative with the confidence and skills necessary for success!”