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Employee Productivity During the Pandemic: Remote/Hybrid Working

Given the changing workforce and work location arrangements moving forward due to the pandemic, organizations have to change the way they measure productivity. At the same time, employees need the change the way they stay productive.
We will focus on the pros and cons and the dos and don’ts of maximizing productivity with the new workforce of remote, on-site, and hybrid workers. The session will look at both production workers and knowledge workers and across all industries and sectors.



Learning Sessions Performance and Productivity

Employee Wellness Today and its Impact on Performance and Productivity

It’s been nearly nine months since hundreds of thousands of workers transitioned overnight into a virtual workforce.
 While some have returned to the office during that time, the “office culture” has drastically changed, potentially forever.
In the initial days, HR & Talent leaders were at the forefront of building processes for teams to collaborate, balance their family and work life while still executing the goals and outcomes needed to run the business.
Now HR and Talent leaders are tasked with a new priority – Employee Wellness and the impact on productivity & performance.



Featured On-Demand Sessions


Performance That Rocks

Facilitated in the spirit of Rock ‘n Roll, this 5-part webinar series focuses on managing people and developing others’ performance. Keynote speaker, podcaster, and bestselling author, Jim Knight, will deliver proven best practices in every area of the Employee Life Cycle. He will use the visceral backdrop of several well-known brands, including Hard Rock International, via his 21-year run with that brand as the head of Training & Development.




How to Have Successful Developmental Conversations

We will discuss how team leaders should have successful developmental conversations, what direction and guidance they should include, what to do differently to ensure the right conversations. We will also create a definition of a successful development conversation.




Performance and Development in 2020

This session will examine how we are approaching Performance and Development, given the pandemic and changes.
We will focus on mid-year discussions and end-of-year performance guidance, measure performance in a virtual environment, and explore new coaching and feedback opportunities in the new virtual/remote environment.




Rethinking Talent Reviews in 2020

In light of COVID-19, talent reviews are changing. During this session, we will focus on whether to continue with talent reviews in a “business as usual” approach or a “business continuity” one, how to account for potential lost productivity and measurements of a virtual workforce and when the best time to start infusing more business activities into your talent review process during this fluid pandemic-impacted environment.



Learning Sessions - Measuring Performance

What Science Says about Identifying High Potential Employees

Organizations face the critical challenge of preparing future leaders for an increasingly unstable, uncertain, and complex environment.
This session will help participants define the attributes associated with leadership potential, widen the perspective typically applied to the recruitment of high potentials, implement tools that most effectively assess leadership potential, and accelerate the readiness of high potential talent to assume and thrive in challenging leadership roles.




Best Practices in Assessing Promotion Potential

Research indicates that fewer than 40 percent of U.S. employers assess promotion potential separately from current job performance. Of course, the danger is that it assumes that success in the present job guarantees success in jobs at higher levels of responsibility. That assumption can lead to mistakes made in promotions, and those mistakes are not quickly corrected.
This session reviews ways to assess promotion potential separately from measuring present job performance.



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