Executive Fishbowl

Are you having trouble keeping your employees? Is your company’s employee engagement scores in the toilet? Is your company in need of a transformation. Chances are, it’s your employees fault. No. It’s not your manager, it’s not your leaders. It’s your lousy employees. Face it, you have no idea why or how you hired any of them. Some of them were gut feelings based on a few background checks and a criminal record assessment. You probably only had a few weeks to fill the position. Maybe you outsourced the position and couldn’t get the best person full time so you scrambled and got a mass amount of mediocre employees. Or perhaps you are merging two completely different cultures that are about to clash. Congratulations, you are about to create a complete economic disaster, tank your company, and be the life of the party. You spend way too much of your life at work to make this horrendous mistake.

Your only option is to send your lousy employees who are about to tank your company to the Executive Fishbowl, which will get them out of their funk and inability to be human within your highly politicized, entrenched culture to become more innovative and self-aware.

During this Executive Fishbowl you will begin by taking an assessment of your employee’s self-perceptions and gain insight from others who are closest to you. You will discuss these perceptions with people in class, and choose areas in which you need to become better. The design of the program is structured in a way that allows all participants to exercise their daily leadership and working patterns so as to influence others to gain perceptions on you. After the program, employees will be re-assessed by your peers in the program to get a better view of you.

You will get a better sense of who your employees truly are – and the best ways to work with them along with their strengths and areas of improvement.

You will walk away with:

  1. Your own employee’s skills card and assessment
  2. Changes in behavior over time
  3. Real-life competencies to work with groups and lead better
  4. A better understanding of the right kind of career path for your employee
  5. A buddy system to help your employees achieve your career goals throughout the year
  6. Membership to Best Practice Institute to give your employees new insights into what other HR leaders are thinking.