Pulse Survey on Global Talent Strategies.

Best Practice Institute (BPI) is calling for survey submissions for its newest Pulse Survey on Global Talent Strategies.

Participate in our Global Talent Strategy Pulse Survey Now

BPI is leading monthly pulse surveys on Talent Management, Organization Change, and Leadership Development-specific topics, designed to increase the frequency of data on focal areas and only take 5-10 minutes to complete resulting in a broader range of topics and an overall deeper body of content. Respondents receive an executive summary of the results.

The Best Practice Pulse Surveys identifies trends, findings, and critical success factors of innovators, practitioners, executives, CEOs and consultants who have made a significant positive impact on their organizations and on modern leadership and management principles and practices.

BPI has been leading research, highlighting exceptional business and talent practices since 2006. According to Louis Carter, BPI founder and CEO, “BPI’s Best Practice Pulse Surveys both provide an opportunity for organization leaders to share their work (from tactical front-end goals through solutions) as well as the see their data benchmarked monthly against other leading global organizations. The shorter structure will also allow for less survey fatigue, making the process more fun and rewarding for those who participate.”

The deadline to complete the BPI Global Talent Strategies Pulse Survey will be December 15, 2015. Participants take 5-10 minutes to share information about their Global Talent Strategy.