The Skillrater Program

Presenting the Skillrater program – get a better view of you while validating your skills.

Get Rated. Get Better. Get Noticed.

  • What is holding you back from progressing in your career?
  • Which companies and positions are the right fit for you?
  • What are your strength areas and areas you could use improvement for specific organizations?
  • How can you get a better and more realistic view of yourself?
  • What is your next and best move for your career?

The Skillrater program and workshop will bring you through a series of exercises to create the best fit for you and organizations for which you want to work. And, in the process, you will discover the dream career you never knew. Participants oftentimes find that the career they had imagined was the exact wrong career for themselves. And, the organizations they were trying to fit themselves into were just the wrong fit.


  1. Take the Skillrater process and assessment
  2. Dialogue on your results
  3. Begin the buddy system to get advice and help directly in the room
  4. Find organizations that are the best fit for you based on competencies in which you have the greatest strength.
  5. Write your business case for the job and why you will be a success within the position.

The Skillrater tool has a set leadership competency model that is common to most organizations.  Using this competency models, and the individual competency models of target organizations, we find the perfect fit for you based on your assessment results, and design a program that will allow you to put your best foot forward for interviews and a successful career within that organization.

Price: $2750/participant

Apply for the program. Accepting 100 participants out of 1000 applicants.

Includes a resource guide, 1 assessment, assessment results, employer matching, interview set-ups with companies, buddy system follow-up activities, a membership to BPI, and a post assessment to determine changes and recommendations.