Trends and Findings from UK’s Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces

Trends and Findings from UK’s Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces

The most mentioned significant words by the companies were “value” and “culture”. With 45% of the companies making mention of at least one of these words. The companies begin the execution of their culture and value-based systems during the recruitment process. This is to ensure that their preferred choice of candidates is employed, so as to foster an ethical alignment between the values of both the employer and the employees. These values will become what the employees live by in their day-to-day operations and it is highly recommended that they have them beforehand.

The Importance of Employees Sharing Its Company Values

The most considered values by the UK companies were trust, respect, and collaboration. Between these various companies, the recruitment processes are similar in operation but differ in the specific values each company upholds. Values were a primary consideration for a lot of companies. A company like GWI holds “Showing respect”, “Thinking big”, and “Asking why” to a high standard and even goes as far as rewarding “Unsung heroes” that align with the values monthly. This value and culture-motivated style of recruitment is shown in a unique fashion by TrueLayer which has a step in their recruitment process where candidates are interviewed by employees from another department strictly on the basis of culture and values. 

UK’s Most Loved Workplaces Promote a Positive Work Environment

The most popular strategy employed by UK companies to maintain their companies’ cultures is the promotion of professional and personal development training programs. Most of these companies focus on making sure there is an increase in skill and knowledge by providing avenues for their employees to grow in the skills necessary for the company as well as those skills that make them feel like a better version of themselves. These pieces of training further guarantee the growth and future of these employees. Such intentions can be noticed within the British Heart Foundation, Metro Bank, Virgin Atlantic, and the Eden Project among others.

The UK Top Most Loved Workplaces Deploy Best Practices in Personal and Professional Development

Many UK Most Loved Workplaces with a large workforce (Having at least 1,000 employees) implement the strategy of providing extra training to bolster both personal and professional growth.

A recurring theme among 40% of the larger companies was the creation of avenues for feedback from employees to know what they want. Examples can be seen in the ManyIdeas platform brought up by ManyPets, and the ”Ask me Anything” sessions carried out by companies like King and Jumo

What UK Companies Do to Become Most Loved Workplaces

UK employers are more intentional about looking out for their employees. They create a lovable workplace by prioritizing their workers’ well-being. The most responsive actions taken by the companies are practical mental health protection programs like the implementation of Spills, an anonymous mental health support that By Miles uses for their employees monthly. 

To further maintain the level head that the companies hope their employees will attain, various programs are created to promote connection and collaboration among the different levels in the organization. RLDatix created an appreciation platform called RLGratix to this effect, where employees can thank and congratulate each other.

2 out of every 5 companies in the UK have a strategy in place to promote such collaboration and unity. A model style for this approach is Jumo’s low-hierarchy and high-collaboration workplace which they maintain through proper feedback from the employees.

How UK Most Loved Workplaces Ensure High Employee Satisfaction in its Workplaces

One in every three UK companies uses the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) approach, with Inclusion being the most incorporated strategy. The use of this approach was not affected by numbers, seeing how a company as large as Wipro limited, boasting about 250,000 employees, still prides itself in exploring and balancing the diverse opinions of its employees.  

On the diversity side of the approach, a fair number of companies use a Neurodiversity approach. This is evident in the neuro-inclusive nature of Auticon’s recruitment process. PerkinElmer also introduced a Neurodiversity group per the recommendation of its employee.

The DE&I approach seems to produce excellent results as can be seen in the 91% of IG Group’s employees that report being treated with dignity and respect in the workplace. In medium and small-scale companies, the CEOs make themselves available and approachable with an open-door policy that employees appreciate. This is their way of making sure everyone is heard.

Effective actions UK’s Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces take to have an outstanding company culture

Other minor but effective actions taken by UK companies are the provision of fun and engaging activities and events done with the aim of increasing the collaborative strength of the companies. Most of the events are done in ways that contribute to their local communities in one way or the other; Exemplary events such as; Tree-planting done by S-RM, the GAMA healthcare’s charity strategy, and Metro bank’s Days to Amaze program that encourages employees to contribute to their community.

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