High Powered Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching models have become integrated with organizational transformation initiatives. Coaching is still one of the top three key factors for success in an organization’s transformation and change project. It is changing however. Coaching has become a way to continue the learning, adapting the program, bringing learning within the organization, and integrating into the larger IT and internal learning architecture. Executive coaching is no longer a stand-alone “product” of leadership development. It is part of the larger ecosystem for organization change – for ERP, Change Management, and Organization Transformation projects.

During this session, through our research on best practices in current usages of executive coaching, you will learn the various aspects of the new usage of executive coaching including:

  1. Ways of measuring change over time
  2. Integrating executive coaching into the larger learning and transformation architecture
  3. Enabling executive coaching within the leadership development programs
  4. Creating a culture of executive coaching between employees and deploying peer coaching processes
  5. Using technology to track changes, as well as enable a new method of giving and receiving feedback
  6. Setting up and diagnosing the need for transformation
  7. Developing the team and structure for executive coaching-led transformations