Leading HR Experts Team Up To Conduct Groundbreaking Research on Employee Engagement

Legendary HR thought leaders Louis Carter and Bev Kaye have teamed up to conduct an important study linking career mobility and employee engagement to business results showcasing the most loved companies in the world.

The research study, Most Loved Workplaces: How our world’s best organizations commit to engaging, developing and retaining employees for maximum business results, is being conducted through a partnership between Carter’s Best Practice Institute and Kaye’s Career Systems International (CSI), and will investigate many of the leading organizations in the world. The research will provide important benchmarking data on how career mobility and career development within an organization impacts employee engagement, retention, and productivity thus identifying the influence these key factors have on becoming a “most loved” workplace.

“My Senior Executive Board, made up of CHROs, CLOs and Chief Talent Officers of some of the world’s most successful companies like Humana, MasterCard, Kimberly Clark, and others want to look at employee engagement, but from a different angle,” said BPI’s Founder and CEO Louis Carter author of amazon best sellers, Change Champion’s Fieldguide, Best Practices in Talent Management, and Best Practices in Leadership Development and Organization Change. “They don’t just want to know the impact of compensation and cool perks like in-house medical clinics and free dry-cleaning has, they want to know the impact career development has on employee engagement, and ultimately becoming one of the most loved workplaces in the world. These special senior executives care deeply about creating caring, functional, and purpose- driven workplaces where employees love coming to work, and as a result produce a great deal for the organization out of respect and admiration.”

Research will begin shortly in the way of a survey given to a combination of BPI’s thousands of members made up of leading HR and Talent Management professionals, and CSI’s clients. After that is done and the data is analyzed, a joint report will be written by the BPI and CSI teams and presented first at BPI’s next Senior Executive Board Meeting in Palm Beach, FL later this fall.

“Career Development and talent mobility has formed a large part of my career’s work, and my clients want to know why it is so important,” said Kaye, who authored several best-selling books such as Up is Not the Only Way, Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go and Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em which has sold nearly one million copies worldwide. Kaye continues, “We’ve found that development is really about results and being loved. Being loved by your customers, and more importantly being loved by your employees, especially those who you cannot afford to lose.”