Best Practices CEO Award to Rick Stollmeyer

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Rick Stollmeyer, CEO, MINDBODY

MINDBODY, founded by CEO Rick Stollmeyer, is the leading provider of cloud-based business management software for the wellness services industry. Tens of thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands wellness practitioners in over 130 countries and territories use MINDBODY’s integrated software and payments platform to run, market and build their businesses.

Started 2001 in his garage, for a while MINDBODY was an on-prem, PC software offering. After noticing a need for more connected, cloud-based software, Stollmeyer and his team reverse-engineered a solution that would allow its customers to manage their business remotely. For customers with multiple locations, this was a huge breakthrough that improved their visibility into sales numbers, scheduling, and class attendance. Plus, this transition was a watershed moment for Stollmeyer and MINDBODY. This led to the creation of the MINDBODY consumer app, and later, MINDBODY Network—the company’s latest innovation.

MINDBODY Network is a transaction-enabled marketplace that helps consumers find fitness, beauty and wellness services through a variety of MINDBODY and third-party platforms. This network currently includes the promoted deals feature on the MINDBODY App and the integration with Google. By incorporating Reserve with Google into the MINDBODY Network, MINDBODY brings even more customers to the company’s wellness business subscribers.

Now, 14 years after its founding, MINDBODY Inc., is on the NASDAQ with tens of thousands of businesses using the platform. The company’s total practitioner count (teachers, trainers, stylists, etc.) has increased 16% year over year. Stollmeyer’s passion, enthusiasm and long-term vision for his business and its future growth sets him apart. He has a unique perspective on how technology will impact the overall wellness industry in 2017 and beyond.

A prime example of a customer experiencing great results since incorporating MINDBODY’s SaaS innovations to their business is the Barre3 studio in Brookline, Mass. It is owned by Simone Bernstein, who managed a Barre3 studio for over two years before launching her own franchise in March 2017. With the help of MINDBODY, in less than 60 days she already attracted over 1,500 clients with a successful opening. Bernstein acclaims the ease of use and strong local consumer adoption of the MINDBODY app.

Additionally, Stollmeyer and his team have helped Orange Theory, which recently surpassed 600 locations, operating in 13 countries on the MINDBODY Platform. David Long, the CEO and Founder of Orange Theory, started their first location in 2010, and they have led the industry in growth ever since, successfully leveraging MINDBODY’s API to integrate a heart rate monitored high-intensity workout scientifically designed to spike metabolisms and increase energy.

Besides helping his customers, Stollmeyer believes in taking care of his MINDBODY team. The company offers an exceptional employee wellness and benefits program–one that has placed it alongside Facebook and Google on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work list. It provides a variety of activities for employees to stay physically and emotionally healthy, including monthly wellness allowances, onsite massage, onsite wellness classes, medical benefits, generous time off plans, and on-site day care for the employees’ children.

Stollmeyer also believes in giving back to the local community. Being involved with startup ResolutionCare allows him to stay at the cutting edge of healthcare and wellness trends. He is also a supporter of organizations such as SLO HotHouse, Cal Poly’s Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and French Hospital Medical Center’s Family Birthday center.

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