Virtual Teams For Dummies

    Virtual Teams for Dummies
    Virtual Teams for Dummies

    “Written by award-winning leadership expert, Tara Powers, Virtual Teams For Dummies is every team’s go-to resource for creating and sustaining successful virtual teams. Packed with rock-solid guidance, in-depth interviews and relevant case studies from well-known companies that have institutionalized working from home,Virtual Teams For Dummies provides the essentials for building, leading, and sustaining a highly-productive virtual workforce. Plus, this must-have manual helps executives understand key strategies that lead virtual teams to success and offers practical information and tools to support leaders and their teams in bridging communication gaps created by geographical separation, all while achieving peak performance and maintaining essential connection.

    Readers of Modern Talent Magazine who purchase Virtual Teams for Dummies receive this FREE discussion guide; to augment their virtual team integration. “

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