Four Nuggets to Kickstart Your Job Search

building employee engagement
building employee engagement

1. Get off Facebook and other “friendship-driven” social media! Even though a majority of candidates look for jobs on Facebook, this is the absolute wrong place to job search. 

Recruiters aren’t looking for you there.  They are looking for mistakes you are making when you post ridiculous pictures of your cats, dogs, birds and family. For example, remember that stupid picture you took of yourself with a drink in your hand flashing the peace sign? No employer wants to see that. And, guess what – even if you have a private account, it is still searchable and can be scraped.

2. Do post information that shows you have thorough knowledge of the job you are seeking.

Read the job description; what does it require in terms of knowledge and expertise? Prove you have the expertise by writing articles that show your knowledge. If the job requires you to be an expert in Six Sigma, then write about best practices in Six Sigma. It’s that easy!

3. Build up your resources and benchmarking for the job you are seeking.

Employers want to see you have a solid network of organizations, contacts, and vendors you can call upon to manage and lead in your job. There is no such thing as a strong leader with a weak network.

4. Brag a little.

List your awards, certifications, education and endorsements. Get rated on your skills and past work from colleagues.

People want to know more about your drive to succeed, willingness to get feedback and rating on your past work and activities and ability to market yourself. If you can’t do it for yourself, then how would you be able to do it for an employer’s organization?

For more on this, and other articles on performance management, leadership development, executive coaching, organizational learning, talent management and other Human Resource topics, please follow these links to: Best Practice Institute and the Leadership and Management blog.  Use this tool to get 360-degree feedback: and post the answers on your LinkedIn profile. It will validate and provide immediate references for new employers.

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Louis Carter
Louis Carter is CEO and founder of Best Practice Institute, social/organizational psychologist, executive coach and author of more than 11 books on leadership and management including his newest book just released by McGraw Hill: In Great Company: How to Spark Peak Performance by Creating an Emotionally Connected Workplace. He has lectured globally in the U.S., Middle East, and Asia on his work and research in organization and leadership development and is an executive coach and advisor to CEOs and C-levels of mid-sized to Fortune 500 organizations. He was named one of Global Gurus Top Organizational Culture Gurus in the world and was chosen to be one of 100 coaches to be in the MG100 (Marshall Goldsmith) out of 14,000 people as one of the top 100 coaches in the world .