Implementing Systems-Wide Change

Traditional change management projects fail. An IBM study of over 500 change management executives from 15 countries, reveals that nearly 60 percent of projects aimed at achieving business change do not fully meet their objectives. The reason for this failure is inadequate co-creation, involvement from different levels of the organization, senior executive support, past project failures, and other factors related to enabling real-time, data-driven change to occur.

During this session, your facilitator will lead you through exercises and activities – a process for enabling change within your organization, team, or division. You will learn both transactional and transformational change tactics along with a proven process for change and transformation.


  1. Tactics and team roles that will turn your team into a functional, high performing team.
  2. The process for diagnosing, collecting data, designing, implementing, continuously adapting, and evaluating change.
  3. Systems Thinking tools to help with the process of co-creation with various stakeholders.
  4. A methodology for measuring the impact of your work and proving ROI.