Very fruitful dialog and learning at the BPI Board Meeting in Atlanta

bpi consulting group
bpi consulting group

Picture above is with Leslie Joyce, Chief People Officer of Novelis and Louis Carter, CEO of Best Practice Institute. Louis is presenting the Best Practice Award to Leslie at Novelis in Atlanta.

I greatly enjoyed my first in-person Board meeting last week in Atlanta. I had the opportunity to meet some very impressive new colleagues, and learn a lot about the inspiring challenges on their plate.

If I had to pick out a few key things, I’d say:

– The type of work that Talent Managers are doing is truly strategic and business focused. This isn’t your father’s TM anymore. Full scale shifts in how business is done that adds real value to the bottom line is our mantra, and we have the people in the field to do it. I’m inspired.

– When it comes to change management, Think Big, Start Small & Move Fast!

– I loved the discussion we had with Johan Berger on why some things catch on, and how this applies to one’s personal brand. Some words or concepts trigger consistent reactions (e.g., “Peanut Butter & ___________”). So if you want a specific reaction, simply figure out: What’s your peanut butter? Love it.