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February Updates
February Updates

1. Upcoming Senior Executive Board Best/Next Practice Creation Session: 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 (12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EDT)

Create and Sustain the Right Culture for Your Company

Creating and sustaining the right culture for your company must match the organization’s mission, vision, and values and how everyone experiences it daily.

In this Senior Executive Board session, we will create the next practices on:

  • How your CEO can evolve the right culture for the company.
  • The best ways to create a culture that infiltrates the entire system.
  • How Talent and HR leaders facilitate culture design to create a legacy with our CEO and executive team.

2. New Article from Lou

A blame culture manifests when employees pass responsibility to others for mistakes or lack of accountability. Blame cultures reinforce themselves when managers blame direct reports or lower-level employees rather than taking responsibility themselves. This article will address the top 5 ways to stop it. Read it here.


A. Best Practice Institute 2021 Return to Work Study

In 2021, one question going through the minds of employees and CEOs alike is, “Is traditional in-office culture over, and the remote workforce here to stay?” We studied remote worker psychology during the pandemic. We found some interesting findings when it comes to navigating the future of work.

B. EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: FUTURE OF WORK ARTICLE: Finding Your Place in the Future of Work

Based on the BPI Senior Executive Board’s collaboration and discussions during our October online session and additional research, the following article will be published in an upcoming issue of The Career Planning and Adult Development Journal. We are sharing this exclusive preview of the paper just for our BPI Senior Executive Board members. Click below to view the article. Please do not circulate beyond your internal team.

C. Reinventing Talent Management Beyond the Events of 2020

This is not the world for which most of us have prepared. The arrival and spread of COVID-19 have challenged the medical world, the global economy, and global leadership. We find ourselves assuming decisive and new leadership roles that are just beginning to take shape.

Multiple forces have changed the present and future of our field. HR, Talent, and Learning and Development leaders like you will shape the strategy, frameworks, and disciplines to navigate the emerging future.

D. Best Practices in Large Scale Transformation

In a rapidly changing global environment, organizations become exposed to complex issues affecting a wide range of strategic functions. The regulatory environment, competition, employee attitudes, resistance, and reactions to change are challenges organizations deal with daily. Globalization and increased migration patterns in the world population add to the ‘stress’ businesses face, thus increasing the demand for strategic solutions capable of increasing company effectiveness.

4. BPI Learning and Development On-Demand (BPI L&D On-Demand)

 If you haven’t already, make sure to check out all of the quick teachings (think TED Talk format) on the topics you have all asked for from some of the leading thinkers in the BPI Expect community. Just log in on the BPI portal to watch the sessions



  1. Learning & Training Agility
  1. Succession Planning
  1. Resilience

Lee’s 3 Habits – A System for Stronger Relationships and Greater Happiness  – with Paul Corona, Professor of Leadership, Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management

5.  BPI announced its new partnership with the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Forum.

Best Practice Institute announced its new partnership with the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Forum at the University of Pittsburgh in our Most Loved Workplace research. The 2021 list of Most Loved Workplaces will be published in the December, 2021 issue of Leader to Leader – a John Wiley and Sons publication, and the official journal of the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Forum. Here is the link to the press release

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