Super Human Capital – Turn Everyone into Fully Engaged Workforce Superheroes

Super Human Capital

Super Human Capital: Turning Everyone Into Fully Engaged, Workplace Superheroes

Presented by:  Kevin Kruse, NY Times Best Selling Author/Speaker on Leadership | Serial Entrepreneur

Live Webinar

Skills: Coaching
Practices: Employee Engagement, Employee Motivation & Recognition


Recent surveys continue to show levels of job satisfaction and employee engagement to be at record lows. This is a crisis for business and individuals alike. Based on his NY Times bestseller, We: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement, Kevin Kruse presents conclusions from surveys of over 10 million workers in 150 countries and based on his own experience as a former Best Place to Work award winning CEO.

Kevin reveals the surprising ways that emotions at work spill over to other areas of our life, and shows how Growth, Recognition and Trust are the three keys to gaining massive emotional commitment and loyalty.

What Will You Learn

• New research that shows that highly engaged companies achieve a 5x higher shareholder return than companies with disengaged workers
• Insights on how the spillover and crossover effects enable work emotions to impact your health, marriage and children
• Easy and affordable actions leaders can take to create an environment rich in growth, recognition and trust

• A 2-minute activity that prompted a previous participant to state, “You just changed my entire leadership focus. I’m going to walk through the office with a completely new mindset.”

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