What Separates Great Leaders From the Rest

developing yourself as a leader

Knowing when to get help, learning from the past, never stop improving¹… these are key traits to all great leaders.

When we set out to define Best Practice Institute, we did so with the idea that by sharing best practices within our community, we’ll help develop a community of strong leaders.

So how then can BPI help develop you as a leader? With a few clicks of your mouse, you’re BPI membership will unlock thousands of resources that only you and those who truly want to develop themselves, and their organizations will have access  to. In addition, you’ll have access to each other.

I, for one, can admit when I haven’t fulfilled my responsibilities. I may have let you down by not properly describing how important a BPI membership is to you and your organization. I am taking the time now to write this post to lay out what you are currently missing out on if you are not an active BPI member.

Let’s start with “Knowing When To Get Help”.

Who better than hundreds of your peers to call on when you need help. BPI membership gives you instant access to peers from leading organizations, and over 300 thought leaders to call on when you need help. This isn’t like spending thousands of dollars on a consultant who will claim to have all of the answers.

As a BPI Member, in minutes you can put questions out to the community, that will be answered and discussed. You can message specific members directly. Here is a quick video of how easy it is to ask, and answer, questions from the community.

Now to “learning from the past”

Within the BPI portal are hundreds of case studies, articles, and on-demand webinars at our finger tips. They cover any and all topics related to leadership, organizational development, career development, assessments, and more. Webinars feature some of the world’s leading minds in this space include Marshall Goldsmith, Roland Sullivan and others.

The amount of content is tough to put into words, but is available for unlimited use to all BPI members. Here is a quick video showcasing how easy it is to launch one of the more than 300 on-demand webinars.

Never Stop Learning

Good leaders never stop learning. Whether they are CEOs, CHROs, or managers of people. Whether they are leaders in their communities, for non-profits, for youths, or anywhere you are in a position to influence the lives of others, good leaders except they can continue to learn, adapt, evolve and get better.

You get better by learning from others, sharing with others, helping others, helping yourselves, and making a positive impact on the world in which we live. Those are principles near and dear to the heart of BPI.

Your membership gives you access to hundreds of leaders immediately. Reach out and make a new relationship.

Want to know being a BPI members is really about? You’ll get better. The people you manage will get better. The people you inspire will get better. You’ll make a difference in the world, whether professionally and/or personally.

BPI is an award winning platform – just won the e-learning Trailblazers award and is known for its excellence in practice by Fortune and Global 1000 organizations. Purchase your membership type now. 

To learn more about Best Practice Institute membership visit us here.

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Scott Baxt
Scott is responsible for setting, leading, managing, and driving the marketing and business strategy for BPI. He has an impressive track record as Director of Marketing both for ERE and IQPC. An innovative senior marketing professional, I have over 18 years experience developing and executing results producing and research-driven marketing strategies as the former Director of Marketing at both IQPC and ERE Media. As the 5th employee and Director of Marketing at ERE, I developed and implemented a marketing strategy and function to increase revenue and grow ERE’s reach within the Talent Acquisition & HR professions. ERE grew in revenue, profit, and employee size nearly 6 fold during my tenure. As the Director of Marketing for IPQC, I immediately impacted profitability of the international business information and conference/trade show organization by implementing innovative marketing approaches to conferences in a wide variety of business sectors. I was promoted to head up marketing for NYC office of IQPC within 15 months.