“Workplacely” Launches to Revolutionize HR with AI-driven Insights, Transforming Workplaces into ‘Most Loved Workplaces®’

“Workplacely” Launches to Revolutionize HR with AI-driven Insights, Transforming Workplaces into ‘Most Loved Workplaces®’

Workplacely Launches: A New Era in HR with AI-Driven Insights on Employee Love and Engagement for Building Passionate, Productive Workplaces

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., Jan 23, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Today marks the
launch of Workplacely, a revolutionary HR SaaS product offering deep insights and
action plans into the core of organizational culture – employees’ emotions,
sentiments, behaviors, and feelings. Workplacely is the first HR SaaS feedback and
coaching tool that allows business leaders to measure employees’ love of their
company and take immediate action to improve culture, employee engagement,
and company and employer brand. It is a cutting-edge SaaS tool that harnesses love
analytics to inspire employee-driven action. Designed to create Most Loved
Workplaces®, Workplacely empowers employees and leadership teams to foster
workplaces where passion meets productivity.

With 6 months of a beta release, feedback from initial customers has been incredibly
positive. The product has enormous demand because of its unique ability to
measure employees’ love for their workplaces. It uses AI and Machine Learning to
automatically deliver action plans based on employee feedback to create a
workplace culture where employees are inspired, empowered, and motivated.
With Workplacely, HR and business leaders are no longer dependent on
time-consuming analysis by data analysts.

Some of the key capabilities of Workplacely include:
● Empower Employees: Workplacely provides employees with a transformative
platform to voice their emotions and sentiments and coach themselves and
their peers. Employees and leaders become pivotal stakeholders in shaping a
work environment they love by taking responsibility for their cultural
● Equip Leadership Teams to Take Action: In an age where agility is paramount,
Workplacely gives leadership teams real-time insights, enabling them to make
swift, informed decisions. The tool’s emphasis on reducing survey fatigue
ensures that feedback isn’t just collected; it’s acted upon.
● Unprecedented Insights with Advanced AI Tools: At the heart of Workplacely
lies its robust AI-driven recommendation engine, curated custom surveys, and
the pioneering ‘Love of Workplace® Index.’ As organizations strive for
excellence, the tool offers additional certification surveys, including
certifications for Parents and Caregivers, Women, Diversity, Volunteering, and
more. From engagement to the love of the company, every survey is designed
with precision to capture nuances of the employee experience.
● Help Workplaces Become Most Loved Workplaces®: Most Loved Workplaces
experience a 10% increase in customer satisfaction, 23% higher profitability,
and 43% lower turnover. Companies that use the Workplacely platform have
the tools to help them achieve Most Loved Workplaces® certification.
● Help Companies to Achieve Placement on the Newsweek Excellence 1000
: The Newsweek 1000 Excellence Index recognizes companies exceeding
best practices in financial responsibility, sustainability, social responsibility,
employee experience, customer satisfaction, ethics, and more. The
Workplacely platform is a key tool to measure employee and stakeholder
sentiment and help companies achieve placement on the Newsweek
Excellence 1000 Index.
● Measure Love, Not Just Engagement: Workplacely stands apart with its
unique ‘love rating’ system. Business leaders can now gauge the affection and
regard employees hold for their workplace, their CEO, executive leaders,
management, peers, and beyond.
● Vision for the Future: Workplacely wasn’t just built as a tool; it’s a vision for the
future. A vision where workplaces aren’t just about tasks and deadlines but
where employees love to give their best work results in performance levels up
to 4 times more impactful.

‘Our goal with Workplacely is to redefine what it means to be a highly productive,
loved workplace in the 21st century,’ says Louis Carter, CEO of Best Practice Institute
and founder of Workplacely. ‘We’re excited to see organizations transform into Most
Loved Workplaces®, where passion, productivity, and purpose converge. The
Workplacely platform plays a crucial role in helping organizations get certified and
climb the ranks of the Newsweek Excellence and Most Loved Workplace® lists,
demonstrating their commitment to creating an outstanding work environment and
company for employees, customers, and all stakeholders.’

The Workplacely platform culminates Carter’s 25 years of research and experience as
an organizational psychologist, helping Fortune 2000 companies build more
engaged and productive workforces. To bring his vision to market, Carter has
assembled a team of experts to deliver this AI-Driven SaaS solution including:
● Louis Carter, Author, CEO, Organizational Psychologist, Executive Coach.
Carter is one of the pre-eminent experts in global culture and strategic
leadership. He is the author of 12 best-selling books, including the latest, In
Great Company.
● Grant Ingersoll, CTO. Ingersoll is the former CTO of the Wikimedia Foundation,
Luckidworks, and TextWise. He is a sought-after CTO with expertise in search
and text analysis.
● Scott Baxt, COO. Baxt has brought 20+ years of experience in the People
industry, running the NYC office of IQPC and key leadership roles at ERE
Media and TLNT, both leading trade publications in Recruiting and Talent
● Kerry Gilliam, Head of Customer Success & Marketing. Gilliam has 25+ years of
experience leading marketing and customer success teams in the HR
Technology space for companies including Jobvite, Talemetry, PageUp/Clinch,
PeopleFluent, and Infor.
To learn more about the Workplacely, visit http://workplacely.com .

About Best Practice Institute

Best Practice Institute (BPI) specializes in human resources solutions,
revolutionizing global workplaces with innovative products and services. The
organization focuses on enhancing organizational culture and employee
engagement, promoting passionate and productive work environments. One of its
notable initiatives is the “Most Loved Workplace” certification, which recognizes
companies excelling in creating emotionally connected and engaging workplaces.
This approach is believed to boost organizational performance and employee
well-being significantly. BPI also provides leadership development programs, peer
coaching, and best practice research to advance HR practices and foster
eƋective organizational leadership. Their commitment to innovative HR solutions
has established BPI as a leader in organizational development and employee

Most Loved Workplace is a company that offers certification to businesses based
on their workplace culture. This certification process involves evaluating
companies through employee feedback, focusing on factors such as emotional
insights and the science of love in the workplace. Certified companies are
recognized for creating environments where employees feel valued, leading to
higher retention and performance. The certification also includes exposure to
Newsweek’s audience and lists. Most Loved Workplace emphasizes a
science-based approach and partners with Newsweek for its Top 100 Most Loved
Workplace list.

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